Patient’s Security

The BayCare Patient Portal provides secure online access to personal health information. The Patient Portal allows patients to view their medical records, request prescription refills, and communicate with their physicians.


Individuals and communities throughout Florida can receive a wide range of health care services from BayCare. Customer service is our top priority at BayCare. BayCare is a trusted source of comprehensive care for patients who require emergency surgery, prenatal counseling, or outpatient imaging.

Patient Secure Identity

BayCare hospitals now have a new way to register using biometrics. Using the image of the vein pattern on the hand, the system identifies the patient more quickly.

  • People’s palms are mapped with near-infrared light. A medical record number is created from the digital image.
  • During registration, patients place their right hand on a device that captures images of the blood flowing through their veins. On a light background, the veins of the hand are visible as a black pattern just above the scanner. This is followed by scanning the image, converting it into a number, and registering it.

Enrolling in Patient Secure Identity is free of charge for patients. If patients do not participate, they will have to provide their name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, and other information at each visit in addition to the registration process currently in place.

Patients can benefit from Patient Secure Identity in several ways, including:

  • Registration of patients has been sped up
  • When registering for a program, minimize the amount of information communicated verbally or via forms
  • Accurately identifies patients
  • It assists in preventing misuse of Social Security numbers and insurance cards
  • Identifying patients quickly during an emergency.